The company is also manufacturing GSSP (Granulated SSP) suitable for use in mechanized farming. 
SPECIFICATION OF GSSP (14.5 % P2O5 Powdered)
The Ammonium Sulfate NH4NO3is produced from the sulfate solution, a by-product of the caprolactam manufacturing.

Moisture percent by weight, maximum 

 ---> 5

Free Phosphoric acid (as P2O5) percent by weight, maximum 

  ---> 4

Water Soluble Phosphate (as P2O5) percent by weight, minimum Particle Size – Not less than 90 percent of the material shall Pass through 4 mm IS sieve & shall be retained on 1 mm IS Sieve. Not more than 5 percent shall pass through 1mm IS sieve.


Sulphur  (as S),  percent by weight, maximum 


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