Indra industries having various product range in the field of polymers and Fertilizers.

In Polymer Division

We manufacture quality PP/HDPE woven bags and fabric for use in fertiliser, cement, FMCG and textile industries

  • PP Woven Sacks / Bags, Laminated and Unlaminated Bags / Fabric, BOPP Coated Bags, DPE Bags & Fabrics, cement Bags, Fertilizer Bags.

In Fertilisers Division

SINGLE SUPER PHOSPHATE (SSP) is used in the basal dose for all crops like Cotton, Oil Seed, Sugarcane and Wheat etc. SSP is a multi nutrient carrier fertilizer. Other than 16% P2O5, it contains Sulphur: 12% & Calcium: 21%, and some other essential micro-nutrients in small proportions. Hence continuous use of SSP, thus sustains the soil productivity. It is popularly known as the poor man’s Fertilizer (price-wise), is an option to optimize the use of phosphate fertilizer. It also helps to treat Sulphur deficiency in soil (40% Indian soil is Sulphur deficient) as well for future enhancement of yield at the least cost. In various crops, which require more of Sulphur and phosphate like Oilseed , Pulses, Sugarcane, Fruit, Vegetable and Tea etc. SSP is an essential fertilizer.